Graduated with a French degree in 2009 with $100k in Student Loan debt. Spent my entire 20’s working my way up the food chain in a restaurant group until promoted to GM of a 100-plus seat dining room in Center City, where I held this position for two years. Much love to my former employers and co-workers! I purchased my home in 2013, and by 2017 I was able to refinance and pay off my remaining student loan debt thanks to my home value appreciation. The impact this had on my life is immeasurable and is what drew me to pursue a career in this industry. I have always loved customer service! It is a great honor and privilege to help serve families with their housing needs, which neither I nor my team take for granted. Bona fides include Trusting the Process since the Nerlens Noel trade, two small dogs and two small cats,

Godfather to my nephew , and being out-shone in every way imaginable by my Queen.

Licensed In: NJ, PA